Friday, December 2, 2011

One Mass offered for several persons

 “One Mass said for many persons can be just as profitable to each, according to the measure of his devotion, as if it were offered for one alone. The sun illuminates ten thousand people as easily as if they were but one person.” 1

You should use this opportunity and to offer every Mass in which you participate for the most people possible. First I picked up at the beginning of the Mass the names of the people for whom I wanted to offer it. However, in this way half of them were omitted, and I spent the Mass by thinking about who was forgotten. So I began to compose various standard lists including their names, and I offer every Mass, besides my actual demands, for these lists. I have found this method quite useful for several years. Perhaps others will find it useful, too.

1 Reginald Garriogu-Lagrange: Life Everlasting. “26. CHARITY FOR THE POOR SOULS. How shall we exercise this charity.”In this book, Garrigou-Lagrange writes about the final things: the preparation for the death, the process of dying, the intelligence and will of the soul after its separation from the body, the individual judgement taking place in the moment of the death, the last judgement a the end of the world, the hell, purgatory and heaven.

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