Saturday, November 26, 2011

Praying for those who will die

Pray for those who will die during the Mass at which you are going to assist”, quotes Garrigou-Lagrange in his Life Everlasting 1 an entry from the guest book of a French Carmelitan monastery.

The author of the entry did not explain it in detail, as at that time it was absolutely obvious, that the most effective intercession for the dead is the offering of the Mass. If you attend a Holy Mass, you can offer it not only for yourself, but for any number of requests and persons, and they too will have a share in the graces of the Mass just like him/her.

I think that this appeal is even more timely now than then. As there are less Masses and less people who offer them, therefore it is worth to offer the Mass on which you participate for all the people who die on that day, and – as so few people pray for them – also for the souls suffering in the Purgatory.

1 Reginald Garriogu-Lagrange: Life Everlasting. 7. FINAL IMPENITENCE. Deathbed Conversion. In this book, Garrigou-Lagrange writes about the final things: the preparation for the death, the process of dying, the intelligence and will of the soul after its separation from the body, the individual judgement taking place in the moment of the death, the last judgement a the end of the world, the hell, purgatory and heaven.

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