Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Why do I continue to have negative emotions, despite the fact that I pray for their disappearance?

 Many times we pray for the disappearance of our negative emotions, anxiety, fear and anger. God sometimes really helps in this. But not always. 1

Our emotions, just like our external senses (sight, hearing or sense of smell) have the task of showing us the external world, our feelings to and relationship with other people, so that we can act accordingly. Thus the negative emotions – similarly to the unpleasant sights, sounds and smells – are just as important as the positive ones, because negative emotions, similarly to negative impressions, always point to some danger. If during a journey we always looked at the beautiful sunset and did not see the abysses, we would never arrive at our goal.

Often this is the case with our emotions. In dangerous situations, our anxiety, fear and anger draws our attention to the danger.

A family wants to take out a very high loan which would burden them over their forces. Throughout the process of taking up the loan, the husband feels a very intense anxiety. He keeps praying for his anxiety to pass away, but it does not decrease. A middle-aged woman feels very strong anger toward her mother, who constantly wants to control and limit her. She asks God to free her from her anger, but it is not relieved.

The anxiety of the husband warns him the very serious danger that the loan is well above their forces. The anger of the middle-aged woman shows that in spite of her adult age she has not yet broken away from her mother, and has not yet formed her own life.
In such situations their request to let their negative emotions pass away is like when running toward the abyss we would ask God let us see only the beautiful sunset. In such cases we ask in fact that in a dangerous situation which we ought to solve, we should not do anything, and while we are heading for the disaster, we would even feel very well.

Therefore, if heading for the disaster is not what we want to do, then if God does not relieve our negative emotions, then we always should ask ourselves what is wrong in our lives, to which these negative feelings refer.

1. I have already written that we often do not experience God healing us because while we ask Him for healing, we in fact want our injured desire of love to be fulfilled, and if God gave this to us, then He would not heal us but rather fix us in our injuries.

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